Boost your business with vinyl banners


Reasons to use Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners  is a fantastic economical way to get your message to your customer and engage their curiosity.  Thereby, they are listed by the International Sign Association guide as a low cost form of outdoor advertising. In Fact they are great for both indoor and outdoor use and therefore can help generate traffic and sell products.

Our banners are great investments, for you and your business.  As a result, with the right banner and design, we guarantee that business will flow right through your doors. The best part? It won’t break the bank! So If you are thinking about using a large vinyl banner for your advertising needs, Sarasota Sign Shop, Inc. is capable of printing high resolution full color banner in any sizes.


Vinyl Banners


Vinyl Banners are great for Events, Trade Shows,  Exhibits… 

Banners are great for promotional sales events, and attracting new customers to buy items that they might not initially have purchased. As a result, Banners are your answer to professional and customized signs. Wherever you need to hang your vinyl banners, store them or move them occasionally, vinyl banners are the best choice. 

Sarasota Sign Shop, Inc. uses a premium heavyweight vinyl banner.  As a result, it has a very smooth surface for best printing results.  Like all of our signs, we print our banners in full color using UV inks, which create better color saturation, density, and image quality. You can found our banner all over Sarasota, Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch, Florida.


Installation of Vinyl Banners

Our banners include the necessary hems and grommets to ensure you can easily install them. 

Grommets are the metal eyelets that enable the banner to be hung on fence posts, walls, side of buidings.. We applied them around the edges of the vinyl banner after printing to reinforce the banner and allow it to be tied.  Finally, use rope, twine or zip to hang securely your banner. 

In addition to our standard finishes, your banner can be customized to fit any specific need you may have. 


What is the proper way to clean my banners? 

Our full Color banners are easy to care for. First of all,  Sarasota Sign Shop, Inc. recommends using water to wipe down your vinyl banner. In addition, use a soft cloth and avoid abrasive cleaning pads. 


How to store you Vinyl Banner? 

  • First of all, do not fold your banners. 
  • Also, roll the banner up with the letters facing out
  • In addition, don’t store your Vinyl Banner in high temperature room but in normal room temperature between 64 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit. 



As a conclusion, call us today at 941-377-8259 or send us an email at for a custom banners with grommets quote! We can do any size! 

Author: M. Bryant

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